Friday, April 15, 2011

Jahangir Khan (Jani) is a Popular Actor in Pashto Cinema and Pashto Tele films, Jahangir Khan Jani New Action Pictures

Jahangir Khan, known as Jehangir Jani, He was born in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa , Pakistan in 1972. He is one of the popular Pashto cinema's actor, Jehangir Khan started his career on Tv shows He was host of PTV Pashto Shows, and He got a small role in Pashto Tv serials Drama like Mim Zar Ma and Stere Mashe and after drama He went to  Pashto film industry. and there He got small role in Pashto cinema. And when big star like Badar Munir, Asif Khan, etc. become old then Jehangir Khan got role like a big Actor. in 2003 Arbaaz Khan joined Pashto cinema and he made many pashto film with Jehangir Khan.  Jehangir Khan play most villains role, Jehangir Khan has take Naemat Sarhadis place in Pashto cinema.
He is also one of the famous comedy actor in pushto tele fils like "newe layla newe majnoon" He is a good actor both in action and comedy. His famous telefils are "sithemgar, lofer, nadan, kunda, badnam, durshall, kala khazan kala bahar, sra jora, majbori, yaar ghadar".
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