Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zeek Afridi Pashto Singer and Zeek Foundation Employer

Pashto Smart and Best Singer Zeek Afridi Photos
Zeek Afridi Employer by Zeek Foundation
In future plans ZEEK FOUNDATION is going to establish the international standard hospital ,a collage and institute of Arts and Culture.
And a place for supporting the orphans i-e flood affected and war affected /operation.
Zeek Afridi a young ,talented singer of KPK who broke all the records in Pushto music world , and giving the new trend and life to pushto music , award winner of Best Pushto singer 2010 has started social work in 2005 when earth quick came and left so many homeless established medical camps , shows for the kids .
Then worked with IDPS of SAWAT ,MIRANSHAH in different camps specially in jolozai camp by establishing medical camps .
Finally flood knocked the door and more then 20 million people where affected from flood again a challenge to the people , and was far more bigger then Earth Quick , IDPS and all in most affected areas not only houses were damaged but the crops the forms the animals all were killed and destroyed .
People were left homeless and there was nothing left for them . There was only hope .
And by the grace of God many people contributed financially by donations sending the food drinking water, in the same manner Zeek Foundation organized medical camps in which 9,765 people from affected area were given free medical treatment and free medicines as well,in which 75 percent were women and children,
Secondly distributed cash amongst the artist affected from flood and the widows of musicians and singers.
Thirdly targeted the primary schools which are been affected from flood and is now out of order .Targeted 12 primary schools on which work will start soon .
Zeek Afridi arranged musical shows for kids in affected area to bring them out from the shock which they had.

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