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Aryan Khan is an Afghan Martial Artist, Model, Dancer, Singer and Actor

Aryan Khan is an Afghan martial artist, model, dancer, singer and actor. He was born on March 7, 1980, in Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, to parents of Pashtun origin. While in high school, Khan moved with his parents to Peshawar, Pakistan, during the war in Afghanistan.
After graduating from high school he studied taekwondo, traveling in Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Korea. At that time he also became interested in performing in front of the camera, and began acting on PTV in Peshawar. He received the Best Performance award for a live performance on Beauty and Entertainment Grand Musical Show on Mashriq TV.
He has been the host of Souk Ghwari Chi Millonar Shi?, Afghanistan's version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, on Shamshad TV since the show began in November 2008. And now later in 2010, the show is aired Ariana TV. Khan also performs a musical number at the beginning of each show, singing about the qualifications necessary to become a millionaire.
Aryan Khan;  born Ajmal Aryan Khan on 7 March, 1980 to a Muslim Pathan ethnicity of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. Khan moved with his parents to Peshawar, Pakistan when he was eight. Khan is an Afghan film actor, director, singer, model and master of Taekwondo. Who has worked in a number of critically and commercially successful films, and has established himself as one of the leading actors of Afghan Film Industry.
Starting his career as an actor in a TV Commercial (Anti-Narcotics) he was acting in Storai “a Pashto title meaning Star in English” program at PTV channel. Khan was introduced by Alam-Zeb Amir PTV Channel Producer. Khan received best performer award for his live performance on stage from Happy Time Production "Beauty and Entertainment Grand Musical Show". For his achievement, he was warmly encouraged by the famous actor Omer Sharif. Khan has also played role in some TV Commercials and dramas in Pakistan TV channels such as AVT Khyber, PTV, ARY, MTV, Hum TV etc.
He appeared in the first AVT Khyber Drama, IZHAR playing the role of College Student “Aryan”. He performed in an Urdu Drama DESS DESS KI KAHANI for PTV Channel. He went on to appear in several other television serials KAFAN, ANJAAM, SHAK, ATEBAR & PARHAR. Soon he was offered for Big Screen by Lollywood SK Films “Kiyon Tum Se Itna Pyar Hai” which is a blockbuster.
Khan returned to his paternal land Afghanistan for the first time in 2006 after 18 years. Khan has worked in different TV channels of Afghanistan. His first album “Dosti” was released worldwide people love his voice after giving a concert on ATN people found him modern, different & stylish, watching his performance & acting on the stage was change than others. He brought a new change in Afghani Music because it was a newish touch for Afghanistan. He found many fans worldwide they encourage him. He received Best singer award from ATN for his song “Yawa Jenay Da Husn dara”. He has worked in a number of successful films and established himself one of the leading actor in Afghanistan.
Khan has Directed TV Serial by name of “SARTERI” for Afghanistan National Army, TVC for PASHTANI Bank, TJTJ shoes, TV show “Who wants to be a millionaire”, TV Commercial for Azizi Bank, TV Commercial for MAHEK VALE, Action and Fight director of Lollywood Movie, Documentary sports/health Program “Rogh Ramat” against narcotics, all his Video clips.
Khan also gave music for TV Serial “SARTERI” Title song “Who wants to be a millionaire” TV game show Music for most of his songs National songs (remix) “Watan Isheq too” A National Patriotic song for peace
He has been the host of “Souk Ghwari Chi Millionaire Shi?” Afghani version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” On Shamshad TV since the show began in November 2008. And now later in 2010, the show is aired by Ariana TV. Khan performs a musical number at the beginning of each show, singing about the qualifications necessary to become a millionaire.

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