Saturday, May 21, 2011

Afghani Acter Basir Mujahid Biography and Photos

Biography of Basir Mujahed
Basir Mujahed was born in January 1st of 1978 in Kabul, Afghanistan and finished his high school at  Yakatoot High school. He has got his diploma in Action Direct in Sparcals Special Effects Company, Mumbai - India. He is the owner and founder of Kohdman Film Production (KFP) and directing a TV show in Spehr TV, Kabul - Afghanistan.
 Movies that he have played Role:
·                                 1.Cells Of Blood  2.Ever Accept Revenge  3.Tools Of  Help  4.Last Crime  5.The War Time  6.Dust
·                                 7.Enemy  8.The End
He was the action director of:
 1- Soldier Star, The director of this movie was Cherestoph Dopamfele.
 2- Kabul Express, A Bollywood movie and Kabir Khan was the production Director.
                                             3- Black Troops, Hollywood and Afghan Movie. Directed by Sonia Nasiry.
He was the action director of 6 Afghan Movies:
1.Silince Love
3.Last Crime
4.Sin City
5.Black clouds
6.End Of Film
He have Produced 4 Afghan Movies & he was the director of 3 of those movies:
1.Dust "Khaak"
2.Enemy "Doshman"
3.The End " Anjaam"
4.Mother Deep Sigh " Ahe Madar"
And two of his movies have been shown  and was released in worldwide, they are as follow:
Enemy was shown in Cinemax cinema, Germany
The End was shown in England.

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