Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pakistani Lollywood actor, singer and director Muhammad Saeed Khan Rangeela (Da Rangeela na Baghair ba da Pakistan Filmi Tarekh namukammal we (Pashto Article)

Muhammad Saeed Khan Rangeela (born January 1, 1937 - May 24, 2005) was a Pakistani Lollywood actor, singer and director.
Rangeela was born Mohammad Saeed Khan in 1937, in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. He took a keen interest in body-building and physical exercises as a teenager. He moved to Lahore at a young age and earned his livelihood by painting billboards for the Lahore movie industry. Rangeela made his professional cinematic debut in a 1958 Punjabi film called 'Jatti', directed by M.J. Rana. As well acting in movies, he also directed many, sang songs, and wrote some scripts. The film 'Diya Aur Toofan', May 9, 1969, was Rangeela's directional debut. He directed numerous movies under the banner of 'Rangeela productions'. His acting was showcased in 'Rangeela', September 11, 1970, in which he played the title role. His third consecutive hit film was 'Dil aur duniya', October 1, 1971, starring Habib- Aasia- Rangeela. He brought to the film 'Dil aur duniya', a sobering sense of a director's prowess which is the opposite to his celluloid persona.
Rangeela voice brought tears to the eyes of the listeners. His forte was tragic songs, and he was proficient at slow numbers.
Rangeela was a dominant force in Pakistani cinema for over forty years.He was married three times and had eight daughters and six sons. One of his daughters is an elected councillor in Lahore and the other is an MBA. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in the US. He belonged to a Pashtun family from Afghanistan who came to Peshawar and then settled down in Lahore.

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