Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sulaiman Sareer

Sulaiman Sareer, another new Holland basted Young singer.
Afther Najim Nekzad & Zmarai Sahaar, this is the 3d new singer from Holland wich is releasing his music this year.Every one could early enjoy the voices of Najim Nekzad [ Songs » ] and Zmarai sahaar [ Songs » ], here on Mastana. Now its time for Sulaiman Sareer!Sulaiman's new CD has just been released, it contains 10 tracks, in diffrence music styles like Mast, Araam and also in some tracks there are Rap pieces mixed. THe Album is called "Afsana-e Wafa", the music arrangement is done by Ahmad Parwiz [ Songs » ]. 

"Wakht De Makhaam Dai Guli Ro Ro" is a song original sang, composed and writen by one of the best pop singers of central Asia: Rahim shah. Sulaiman's version is quite nice, It starts with the same tune as Rahim Shah's original song, but afther few seconds rock guitars coming in to break momentum and then Sulaiman. Here is a mixed backing vocal in this song wich are quite effective. After repeated listens it ends up being probably one of the stronger songs on the album.We Hope to get more Songs like this in his future albums.Further the album contains 1 Hindi Song, 8 Farsi/Dari, and 1 Afghani/Pashto song. "Afsana-e Wafa" Is Sulaiman's first album, he is planning to release videos of these songs soon. This album is availeble in "Beverwijkse Bazaar" in Holland and in most of the Afghan stores. Exclusively here on Mastana you can hear the tracks from this new CD.

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