Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Khatira Naubhar Afghani Actress Bio and Wallpaper

Khatira was born on 10th of November in Kabul, Afganistan. She started to learn acting and dancing from her early age and was rewarded to keep up performing, she has completed Business and Retail Studies from Business College of Amsterdam , Netherlands. Now she is studying child care and love kids.

Khatirara is the first young female actress from Afghanistan in Europe. she was selected for the comedy film GUL MOHAMMAD & DUR MOHAMMAD in the year 2002.

Khatira 's second lead role in film ‘Do Aatash’ (TWO FIRES). The movie was about the cultural differences, taboos and abuse of women rights.

Khatira is a young,fun loving, enthuastic individual who has a very versatile look which can be utilised in any situation. she gives everything 110%. in performing period

Khatira has passion for the fashion, can adapt to any situation and put herself into any role.she is full of energy,comfortable in front of the camera, flexible,enthusiastic and willing to learn

Khatira 's another advantage is that she can speak Dutch, English, Hindi, Urdu, Dari / Persian and a bite pashtoo.

Khatirar has also worked in video clips with Afghan, Indian and British artists.She has done interviews with BBC Persian and Sky Venus channel.

Khatira has also worked as a volunteer for the Women’s Organization in the Netherlands.

Khatira love dancing as well and she can dance Persian, Central Asian and Bollywood style as she is energetic, goodlooking, fit and aspiring. Her dancing in music video of Scarz which has aired on MTV very well and energeic.

Khatira has done modelling for Lovinmodels agency in london and has worked with British and Dutch photographers.

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