Monday, September 10, 2012

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Tasveer's Second Edition Just Published.

Pashto film's, TV and CD's drama first Pashto magazine "Tasveer" September Edition has just been published by Rahmat Dewan and his editorial team. This is the second Edition of Tasveer Magazine.

The title page is featuring Pashto TV actress & Model Erum Sahar's photograph and the back page is covering Afghan film star Shafiq Shaiq picture.

Instead of Editorial page, with the title "Pa Sar Stargo" column has been published which contains readers messages and complaints.

The other pages consist on news stories and Following reports:

 about Pashto Eid 2012 films har dam kher, Bad Amala, Toofan, Ghaddar and Qasam. Ghazala Javed's husband was arrested. In Jalalabad, Films are watched far from cinemas, in huts. Pashto films should be cleaned from nudity said, Arshad Khan. In Herat, Militants destroyed a cancert where Shafiq Mureed (Afghan Singer) was about to present his performance.  Dilbar Munir and Me are now friends Said, Babrik Shah. Pakistan is giving me award, it is proud for Afghanistan said, Naghama.

Becoming famous or getting success in showbiz is not easy job to do, said Pashto drama actress & model Erum Sahar in an interview and it is the main story of Tasveer magazine's September edition. Interview by Abdullah Shah Bughdadi.

Moreover, Shafiq shayaq interview has been published, Ashfaq Toru's new TV drama serial Talan has also to be released. Arbaz Khan, Shahid Khan, Jahangir Khan, Sobia Khan, Maa Noor, Arshad Khan, Khalid Malik, Liaqat Ali Khan and Zahirullah Babujee's news reports are also included in this edition.

Following Stars Pictures are also Included:
Arbaz Khan, Shahid Khan, Babrik shah, Sobia Khan, Sunbal, Kiran, Jahangir Khan, Ghazala Javed, Maa Noor, Khalid Malik, Kiran, Badar Munir, Baryaly Samadi, Shafiq Shayaq, Shafiq Mureed, Naghma, Erum Sahar, Saba Gul and others.

Now you can also read and download "Tasveer" Magazine Online on the internet.

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